Fintech Toolbox

Sometimes you need the tools to complement and enhance your core platform. Keylane has developed a toolbox consisting of a library of fintech solutions which can be used as stand-alone with a short time-to-market – Plug and Play!

Fintech Toolbox

  • Retirement Planning
  • Retirement & Wealth Management Advice
  • Calculation Kernel
  • Robo-advice
  • Webcare & Social Toolbox
Keylane supports all retirement products

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning tools are a speciality of Keylane. We can offer both planning software solutions complete with calculation kernel or with a connection to your existing calculation engine. All retirement products are supported: DB, DC, CDC, flexible investments, all lifecycle and glide path calculations and Monte Carlo simulations using URM of your own methodology.

Calculation Kernel

The Keylane calculation kernel is a powerful and highly configurable engine to fulfil all your calculation needs from within your own front and mid end solutions. Optimally programmed to deliver complex calculations with high performance.

The future of online advice is Robo

Retirement & Wealth Management Advice

The Keylane suite of advice solutions covers all retirement advice needs, but can also be utilised for 360 degree wealth management advice. We offer self-service software tooling and also tooling for financial intermediaries and brokers.


The future of online advice is Robo. Keylane can support your needs with Robo solutions in retirement planning, advice and duty of care.

Webcare & Social Toolbox

Increasingly, your customer experience can be enriched (and at the same time made more efficient) by webcare and social media solutions.

Keylane has software and knowhow in place to fulfil your needs.