Efficiency & STP

If your goal is to lower the cost per participant, Keylane is up for the challenge! Whether replacing your legacy systems, starting a low-cost greenfield enterprise or seeking the most efficient closed book solution, we have the platform to meet your needs.

Efficiency & STP

  • Efficient Legacy Replacement
  • Closed Book
  • Greenfield
Big or small business goals, we have the platform to meet your needs

Efficient Legacy Replacement

If your business goals and ambitions are hindered by your legacy platform, but your investment capacity is limited, a no-frills efficiency-driven solution is what you are looking for. A solution in which front-to-back STP capabilities drive down cost per participant. And whereby an efficient migration process is part of the package.


In today’s world innovation and experimentation is key to attracting new clients and testing new products. Such greenfield operations can be jumpstarted with a (stand-alone) ultra-efficient state of the art platform, without the baggage and cost structures of an existing platform.

Closed Book

In a closed book environment only one thing counts: having an extremely low cost per participant. Experience and a deep understanding of cost structures and cost dynamics involved is what you seek in a technology partnership.