Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the game changer. Your business is changing and your platform must support these changes in all areas. Keylane understands this transformation challenge and we can deliver in all aspects: a customer focused and smart data driven approach, the flexible architecture you need to compete in the increasingly dynamic and open marketplace and the compliance and control framework needed to comply with regulatory requirements and internal KPI reporting.

Digital Transformation

  • Customer Experience
  • Smart Data
  • Flexible & Open Architecture
  • Control & Compliance
Knowledge is power

Customer Experience

In the new world your customer is in the driver’s seat and demands a digital customer experience of the highest level. The customer expects a 24/7, multichannel experience, with optimal guidance and support in making retirement decisions.

Happy and empowered customers also mean autonomous customers willing and able to fulfil their own role in the STP process.

Smart Data

Knowledge is power. Data and data mining provide this knowledge in the digital era. The challenge is to gather, analyse and utilise the data you collect around your employers and their employees. And by offering an individual, accurate and rich customer experience you can achieve higher retention and conversion rates.

Essentials of the modern pension platform

Flexible & Open Architecture

In the dynamic marketplace of today and tomorrow, your platform needs to interact not only with your own internal systems, but increasingly with the outside digital world as a whole. And innovation is here to stay, in products, in distribution and in customer engagement. Your platform must provide the flexibility to support and embrace the innovations you wish to offer, via the multi-distribution channels of tomorrow.

The Advantages

  • Modern online service
  • Short time-to-market
  • Lower costs for closed book portfolios
  • Compliant and future proof

Control & Compliance

In a digital Big Data world, with individualisation and self-service being the new norm, a higher level of compliance and control is needed. A state of the art control framework is an essential aspect of the modern pension platform: To deliver on ever increasing external regulatory demands, but also with regards to the KPI controls demanded from the internal organisation.