Policy Processing & Administration

Would you like a streamlined application and administration process with lower operational costs? Choose our policy administration system. You can take the complete system or opt for either the portal solution ‘Policy Request & Underwriting’ or the administration solution ‘Policy Management’.

It is quick and easy to create new insurance products in the system

Policy Request & Underwriting

Our modern and flexible portal solution supports the sale of insurance policies and facilitates self-service, such as calculating the premium, requesting a quotation, applying for an insurance policy, viewing correspondence and amending personal details. Our easy-to-understand and user-friendly portals enable you to optimally serve your employees, business partners and customers.

New insurance products can be entered into the system quickly and easily. No IT knowledge is necessary. You can set straight through processing (STP) for the automatic processing and acceptance of policy requests as required.

Policy Management

The management system offers you a complete solution for administering, amending and extending policies. Both private and business products are supported, including packages.

By means of an integrated client file, the authorised employee has access to all the policy details and pending actions. Employees and brokers work from the same database, so keeping the risk of errors and duplication to a minimum.

The complete policy history is kept up to date within the system, including the associated financial handling and correspondence sent and received, such as letters, documents, e-mail and text messages.