Non-Life Claims Administration System

Handling a claim is the perfect moment for you to show that your customer service is in good order. Proper support from your platform is a must in that respect. Our claims administration system helps to improve customer satisfaction and save on costs at the same time. You can take the complete solution or choose between the Claims Registration or the Claims Management modules.

Fraud detection rules and connections to platforms such as FRISS enable you to make your fraud checks in real time

Claims Registration

Our Claims Registration module makes life easy for your customers and for you. Your customers can register their claim directly from the claim location and view its status online. You can easily make changes to the claim registration forms and match them to your products and target groups.

When a claim is registered, Keylane can immediately determine whether there is applicable coverage, calculate a payment and, if necessary, set a claim expert on the case.

In many cases you will be able to settle claims fully automatically

Claims Management

The claims management system offers you a complete solution for the management of claims files and the financial handling of claims.

By means of an integrated client file, the authorised employee has access to all claims details and pending actions. Employees and brokers work from a single database, so keeping the risk of errors and duplication to a minimum.

The system offers many standard interfaces to external parties who are involved in the claims handling process. With fraud detection rules and links to platforms like FISH and FRISS, the required fraud checks can be performed in real time.