Software solutions for Life

The life insurance market is under pressure. Many insurers are faced with shrinking portfolios and closed books. The cost burden requires efficient business processes. You want savings without the client realising this. They have to be provided with the best service. The Keylane software allows you to achieve those objectives.

Keylane offers life insurers an ideal platform for operational efficiency in order to minimise the costs.

Your challenge

Due to the market pressure, cost savings and making costs variable are major objectives for you. In doing this you don’t want to lose sight of your clients. You want to do your utmost to meet the increasing demand for online services.

Total solution for life

Keylane offers you a total solution for all your core processes, from online sales and distribution to policy administration and payments. You can say farewell to your fragmented and outdated systems.

Variable costs

Do you want to increase or decrease the capacity of your application? This is quickly arranged with the scalable SaaS platform of Keylane. You pay a monthly fixed amount per policy. In this way you never pay for capacity that remains unused.

Benefits of Software Solutions for Life

Cost saving

Replacing your legacy by the flexible package software of Keylane pays for itself. The investment can be earned back within two to five years. You can make considerable savings of up to fifty percent on your IT budget.

Short time-to-market

You can launch your products and services on the market within a short period and beat your competitors. The IT support can be realised simply and quickly. Elaborate, error-prone processes are things of the past.

The advantages

  • Modern online service
  • Short time-to-market
  • Lower costs for closed book portfolios
  • Compliant and future proof

Operational efficiency

Merging your portfolios into one single system considerably reduces the IT complexity. Together with you Keylane provides an optimum workflow and high STP percentages.

Optimum client service

You have service-oriented portals at your disposal. This enables you to reach and service your clients online better and make simpler personal product offers.

Compliance with legislation and regulations

New laws and regulations can have a considerable impact on your business operations. You don’t have to worry about this any longer. Keylane structurally implements any changes in legislation and regulations into the standard software.

The features listed

  • Support for the administration of all life insurance products
  • Fully configurable
  • Supports straight through processing
  • Meets high security requirements
  • SaaS solution is ISAE3402 certified
  • Easy to extend and to connect

Low costs for closed book portfolios

Management fees for closed book portfolios run high for many life insurers. The portfolios are often managed on old platforms which are expensive to maintain. When a closed book portfolio shrinks in size, relative maintenance costs rise even more. Your portfolio shrinks while the platform costs stabilise. Thus, the costs per policy rise.

Keylane offers a solution. In our SaaS (Software as a Service) model, the price for management and maintenance moves with the size of your portfolio. The platform is scalable, enabling us to increase or decrease the capacity, even temporarily. This means that the costs reflect your usage and are always in line with the business.

Customer experience

New, modern administration system for VvAA

“Within one year, tens of thousands of policies were converted. The open communication, the solution-oriented, tight project management, and the knowledge and experience on both technical and actuarial levels at Keylane, have been critical to the success of the project.”
– Martin Aalders, Director Life, Banking, Care and Income at VvAA.

Download: clientcase VvAA

The power of Saas

“Keylane is the most experienced SaaS provider of life insurance policy administration systems in Europe”.
– Magic Quadrant for Life Insurance Policy Administration Systems, 2015

Download: Whitepaper SaaS