Employee Benefits

In their rapidly changing markets that are characterized by stiff competition, insurers and pension funds are focusing all their efforts on profitable growth. As an advisor, insurer, or employer, you would want to spend as little time as possible on the administration of your employees’ pension and income schemes. You want to run your administration as efficiently as possible, from a single location.

Your challenge

As a consultant, insurance company or employer you will engage in a great deal of record-keeping and communication with regard to insurable employee benefits. You will want to take care of this in the most efficient manner, thus saving yourself some money and effort. Numerous systems require the same data. Manually adding new employees to the system or transferring changes from your employee database can be prone to errors.

The answer is Benefits-Plaza

With Benefits-Plaza, Keylane offers optimum support between insurance portals, salary administration systems, and sickness absence registration systems. Regardless of where your employees are insured, Benefits-Plaza is a single platform that helps you manage all schemes. This applies to pension schemes, collective incapacity-for-work schemes, and sickness absence schemes. You will no longer have to enter data into several different systems.

Change one data point, and all the relevant data, premium levels, and insured amounts will be processed automatically and communicated to all parties involved (e.g. insurance companies and employees). This means you will not have to perform as many administration duties yourself and you will have a superb overview.

Key features

  • A link to your salary administration system
  • Automatic transferral of data to insurers
  • A reduced risk of errors and removal of repeated steps
  • Low administrative workload
  • A single location for the administration concerning your employees

More than software

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

We believe software implementation is a team sport. Making Benefits-Plaza work for your company, tailor it to your processes and integrate it with your systems, asks for a close cooperation. With a dedicated implementation team of experienced insurance and pension consultants and the best practices we developed over the years, you are assured of a smooth implementation of Benefits-Plaza. Our customers can affirm that we always live up to our promises.

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Client cases

Ideal way to review data and reduce administrative duties

“I think the review opportunities provided by Keylane’s software are really handy. Other systems are mere intermediaries. However, Benefits-Plaza has copied virtually all calculation kernels used by insurers. As a result, it is easy to review an employee’s pension entitlements and premium amounts.”
– Frank Immens, Mercer

Software implementation and set-up made easy

“As a client, there was no need for me to worry about how to implement and set up the software. Benefits-Plaza did it all for me. The team works fast and has a customer-oriented attitude. It is a joy working with them.”
– Lex Moerings, Towers Watson