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DSM Pension Services achieves a major improvement in pension communication by setting up a personal My Environment. Members can now see all of their pension documents easily online via a personal digital file.

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The opportunities and resources to share information accurately and securely are becoming easier and quicker to use. Today, communication is often fulfilled online and increasingly, for many members, entirely digitally. Pension providers like DSM Pension Services see this shift to online communication.

The increase in the provision of digital information by employers and other agencies was for DSM Pension Services the reason to start looking for a new online pension communications platform.

Digitisation of pension communication provides support in terms of compliance with laws and regulations (Law on pension communication and Pension123), and also helps to reduce costs by offering self-service to members.

Modern, customer-focused communication

The current websites of the two funds, pdnpensioen.nl (DSM) and spf-pensioenen.nl (SABIC), were outdated and could not meet contemporary requirements. The use of smartphones and tablets for example was proving difficult to optimise with the navigation getting in the way of finding information quickly.

Ton Knoops, IT-Coordinator Information Services at DSM Pension Services: “We wanted to move to a digital document flow and a My Environment, where we can accommodate pension data of current and former employees. The completeness of files and certainly the timeliness of the provision of information formed an important part of this”.

we wanted a modern look & feel, but with simple and intuitive navigation

Total solution

With its online platform, Keylane offers a total solution for digital pension communication. Think of a My Environment secured with DigiD for members (DigiD stands for digital identity, to get access to Dutch government and health care websites), the Pensioen123 website or an easy to operate pension planner to provide insight into purchasing power after retirement. Within the My Environment, general and personal documents can be published, which in the context of the ‘obligation to provide’ can also be monitored within the regulation on pension communication.


  • Contemporary, fast and full pension communication for
  • All member information in a personalised environment:
  • Sustainable solution and cost savings through reduced
  • Technical management and tracking content from one
  • Websites more usable for smartphones and tablets
  • ‘Event-driven’ navigation, web sites more searchable
  • Compliance with laws and legislation
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