Keylane develops and implements flexible standard software for the core processes of life and non-life insurers and pension institutions.

What others say about us

QIS Claims Management offers a full set of core functionality for claims that customers have rated highly for usability.

Keylane offers mobile and portal solutions that have been successfully deployed to production.

The company offers a comprehensive set of configuration tools and has a strong track record of success with upgrades and implementations that require minimal customization.Gartner on Keylane’s Claims Solution QIS, MQ 2015

It was an exciting and complex data migration and with Keylane’s professional approach we managed to meet our tight deadline,” says Johan Huizinga, manager Business Change at Univé. “We also realised this major scale migration within ten months, and transferred most of the data to the QIS policy administration system within one weekend.Johan Huizinga, manager Business Change at Univé.
We conducted a full and detailed evaluation of the l&p insurance solutions on the market earlier this year, and concluded that Keylane with LeanAppsLife provided the most appropriate technology package for our needs. I am pleased that we have launched the new business venture and I am very excited about the possibilities moving forward. This arrangement heralds a new era for our business and our members.Clive Allison, Head of Member Recruitment for Reliance Mutual